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Sustainability Initiatives


API strives to improve unitholder value by building and managing a portfolio with medium- to long-term competitiveness through focused investments in urban retail properties and Tokyo office properties.

In building the portfolio, we consider reduction of environmental load and contribution to our environment and local community as important factors comprising the portfolio, in addition to factors such as location, usage, size and quality.

Under this policy, we have endeavored to acquire and improve building environmental certifications and GRESB certification. In addition, we established specific targets for overall portfolio and each property, aiming to reduce annual average energy consumption units by 1% in the medium- to long-term pursuant to the Act on the Rational Use of Energy, and implemented various energy and resource saving measures.

In terms of finance, we are expanding our efforts concerning the environment, including the issuance of green bond.

In recent years, corporations are required to position environment and local society as key management issues and active promotion and commitment is expected. Investors and other stakeholders are focusing on the commitment to ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) in our real estate investment business as medium- to long-term risk management issue, and assessing our approach. API believes commitment to ESG is essential for maintaining and improving our asset value in the medium- to long-term, as well as for improving unitholder value.

Under these circumstances, TLC REIT Management Inc., the Asset Manager which API entrusts its asset management, established their Sustainability Policy in April 2019, to document their approach to contribute to the development of sustainable society through commitment to the environment and society, and to enhance governance. In July 2019, API set wide range of environmental performance targets as our materiality, and established a practical management policy. In addition, TLC REIT Management Inc. shares the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group Human Rights Policy announced in January 2020, and operates based on the notion that it is essential for business operation and is expected to all companies to respect the human rights of employees and other stakeholders involved in the Group's business.

API will further enhance our efforts on sustainability, deepen the trusting relationship with our stakeholders, we aim to energize society as our name “Activia” suggests, and proactively manage our properties at locations where people gather for corporate activities and urban recreation.

Executive Director Kazushi Sato

Sustainability Policy

The Asset Manager is aware of the issues concerning environment, social consideration and governance enhancement, and shares the Group sustainability vision as a member of the Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group (the “Group”). The Asset Manager believes that commitment to these issues is its social responsibility and implementation of its management philosophy, which will contribute to the development of sustainable society. It has established a sustainability policy (the “Policy”) to implement this philosophy.
Please refer to the “Sustainability Initiatives” by the Asset Manager for details of the Policy.

To implement the Sustainability Policy, the Asset Manager periodically holds Sustainability Promotion Council which comprises of company-wide members including President & CEO of the Asset Manager who has the ultimate decision-making authority at the Asset Manager, to share sustainability related information, and to review and promote commitment to the issues.

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