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Environmental Certification

Activia Properties Inc. invests primarily in Urban Retail and Tokyo Office Properties. API seeks to increase unitholder value by building a portfolio of properties that are competitive in the medium- to long-term and operating it. To build a portfolio of properties that can expect stable and sustainable customer demand, we believe that in addition to the location, use, scale, and quality of properties, reducing our environmental footprint and contributing to the surrounding communities and environment are important.

DBJ Green Building Certification

DBJ Green Building Certification, offered by Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ), is a comprehensive evaluation system which includes not only an environmental perspective but also a social one (owner response to social needs of the diverse stakeholders of the properties), DBJ identifies and certifies "Green Buildings", which are essential in today's real estate market.

DBJ rank 5
5 stars

Website of DBJ


CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environmental Efficiency) is an evaluation system that ranks buildings and structures in terms of their environmental performance. In addition to each building's ability to reduce its environmental impact across a variety of areas including energy and resource conservation as well as recycling, this system comprehensively evaluates the environmental performance of each building and structure including its aesthetic appeal. The evaluation result is represented in 5 ranks(from one "★" to five stars "★★★★★").

Rank S
Rank A
Rank A

Website of CASBEE


BELS assessment is provided under a public evaluation system, which evaluates the energy conservation performance of non-residential buildings, established on April 2014 by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Third parties evaluate the performance of buildings based on the primary energy consumption defined in energy saving act (Note), regardless of whether a building is new or not, and the evaluation result is represented by a number of stars (from one "★" to five stars "★★★★★").
BELS assessment, which is the first public evaluation system specific to energy conservation performance in Japan, is expected to promote further improvements by providing appropriate information and promoting the energy conservation performance of buildings.

(Note)Act on the Rational Use of Energy
(Note)Evaluator: Japan ERI Co., LTD

Website of BELS(Japanese Only)

Tokyo Low-Carbon Small and Medium-Sized Model Building

Tokyo Low-Carbon Small and Medium-Sized Model Building is a building ranked A1 or higher level by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, evaluating CO2 emission intensity with the self-assessment indicator (CO2 emission benchmark) established by the government in 2012 with an aim to promote a real estate market in which low-carbon buildings with fewer emissions of CO2 have higher value.


Luogo Shiodome

GRESB Assessment

GRESB is a benchmarking assessment to measure ESG integration in the real estate sector.
GRESB survey does not target individual pieces of real estate, but evaluates the efforts of real estate companies, REITs and funds for sustainability.

In the GRESB Real Estate Assessment evaluating sustainability performance of entities with management of lease properties, API received for three consecutive years the highest “5 Stars” in GRESB rating which is based on GRESB Overall Score and its quintile position relative to global participants.
Also, we won a “Green Star” designation for seven consecutive years by achieving high performance both in “Management Component” that evaluates organizational structure and “Performance Component” that assesses environmental performance.

We received as well the highest “A Level” for the GRESB Public Disclosure which assesses the width of ESG disclosure.

TRM is a GRESB Real Estate Company & Fund Manager Member and takes part in the international initiative to improve sustainability.

We will continue to manage our portfolio with keen attention to sustainability, promoting environment-friendly and energy-saving measures in the properties and collaborating with our stakeholders including tenants and local communities.

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